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Thank you so much for using our platform! Hope all of you are learning on your own pace and at the highest quality of learning situation possible.

We really appreciate your reviews, forums, answers and comments. Currently we have lots of learners coming from different countries such as Brazil, US, Nigeria, India and the Philippines!

Rest assured, we will be providing more value-added financial market related courses. Some of the soon-to-be-released courses are relating to Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Technology, Stock Market, Contracts for Differences, Indices, ETFs and the Commodities Markets. We will also be providing technology-related courses soon such as Data Science, Python Programming, Cybersecurity and Robotics!

This is just an appreciation post though. 

All for the love of financial markets and its algorithms!

May our trades be great!
May the pips be with you!

-Quantalpha Algorithms Team