EA Coding Services

Tell us everything about your trading system, and we will code it for you!

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Service Inclusions

Our $250 EA Coding Services includes the following:

Customized EA for you

Based on your strategy. 2 indicators with stop-loss and take-profit feature.

MT5 Compatible

Meticulously coded to execute in Metatrader 5 (MT5) with precision and reliability.

Unlimited Online Consultation

No limit online meeting for our developers to fully grasp the ins and outs of your trading system.

Additional features

$50 additional fee for every additional features listed below!

Dynamic Lots

Automatic lot-size computation based on the level of risk percentage you want.

Trailing Stop

Secure some of your profits while letting your winning trades run with a trailing stop.

Additional Indicator

Add more indicators so you will be more sure in every trade that your EA will execute.

Parameter Optimization

We will optimize the best setting for all the parameters of your trading system.


Add up different types of filters to your EA such as time and news filters.


Expand your EA trading opportunities by letting it trade more assets! Additional $50 per asset.

1. Ready

Ready your manual trading strategy that you want to be converted into an EA and create an account with Quantalpha Algorithms Website here

2. Meeting

Book an appointment with us via our facebook messenger, so our EA developer will grasp all the ins and outs of your trading system.

3. Pay & Sign

Pay the total agreed service amount and sign the service agreement form.

4. Deploy

We will code your EA and we will let you know once it's ready for deployment so you can now enjoy your automated trading strategy!.

May the pips be with us! 🌐📈